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On occasion, businesses identify candidates on their own, but prefer to use a third party vendor to hire the employee. In these situations, On Call offers its Payrolling Service to accomplish just that. You identify the person you want for the job, On Call hires the employee and becomes the employer of record and reassigns the employee to work at your business.

The employee is hired on a W-2 basis by On Call. We process, print and distribute payroll, facilitate garnishments, worker's compensation, unemployment insurance, all employer tax withholdings, quarterly and year end tax reporting, eligibility verification, and administration of employment paperwork.

Utilize On Call's Payrolling Service for interns, contract positions, trial period employment, or as a part of your overall contingent workforce solution. Should you become ready to convert the employee to your payroll, there is never a conversion fee after a 30 day employment period.

With On Call Payrolling:

  • Your candidate will receive an orientation from an On Call Account Executive.
  • You can expect same-day turnaround for activating new Payrolled employees.


On Call offers its Payrolling Services throughout the United States. Since we are nationwide, we can meet your needs in all 50 states and assist in onboarding remote personnel, alleviating the need to set up an out of state presence. Rates in other states may differ due to variances in state unemployment and workers compensation costs.

Get Started Today

Candidate registration, employment paperwork, employee time submission, and company approval is all done online. Identify your candidate today, give us a call and we'll get them started on your schedule!

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Pre-Employment Screening

Prior to Payrolling your candidate, On Call can also perform the following Pre-Employment screening services. Fees for these services are passed through at our cost:

  • Social Security Trace
  • County Criminal Background Check
  • Driving Record Search
  • Credit Check
  • Nationwide Background Database Search
  • Federal Criminal Background Check
  • Employment Verifications
  • Educational Verifications
  • Drug & Alcohol Screening
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