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Steps to working with On Call in your Job Search

Step 1: Registering with On Call...

The first step in building your profile with On Call is Registration. Upon completion, an On Call Recruiter is automatically notified. You can expect a phone call or feedback via email in 24 – 48 hours. To Register, click here. Registration should take 10 minutes or less to complete. Note, if we've proactively contacted you and already have a copy of your resume, we'll do this for you!

Step 2: Applying for a Job...

If you see an opportunity on our Job Board and you have the experience, Apply for It! Note, you must be Registered with On Call before you can apply for a job. To Register, click here. When you apply for a job, the On Call Recruiter managing that opportunity will be alerted and you can expect a phone call or feedback via email in 24 – 48 hours.

Step 3: Interviewing with On Call...

Once a job opportunity has been identified that matches your experience and before we can submit your candidacy to our Client, expect a thorough interview with the On Call Recruiter managing the opportunity. Be prepared to answer questions about your technical strengths, salary history, reason for leaving jobs, desired salary, strengths, weaknesses, availability, software knowledge, long term goals, previous job responsibilities, size of previous companies worked, desired commute, etc. Depending on the confidentiality of the role, the Recruiter may not disclose the name of our Client at that time, however he/she will share all pertinent details of the position including the expected pay rate. And, it's good to have questions for us too, this is the time to do it!

Step 4: Completing On Call Paperwork...

Assuming your interview with the On Call Recruiter goes well and he/she indicates we intend to submit your candidacy to our Client, the Recruiter will provide you with login information to complete your On Call employment paperwork on-line. On Call employment paperwork should take 30 minutes or less to complete.

Step 5: Interviewing with our Client...

The Recruiter that you have been working with will contact you to coordinate the Client interview (Recruiter will discuss attire, location, timing, parking, special instructions, etc.). Once the interview is completed, please contact the Recruiter immediately to give them your feedback and interest level. Once the Recruiter has received feedback from the Client, he/she will contact you… ideally with news that you got the job!

Step 6: You got the job...

Your Recruiter will contact you to coordinate the start date/time, report to's, etc. Pay rates will also be reconfirmed. If it is a temporary or temporary-to-hire position, duration of the temporary assignment or expected conversion timeline will be reiterated. Congratulations!

Step 7: Timekeeping and Payroll...

Prior to your start date, you will also be provided with timecard instructions for our on-line timekeeping system. Payroll is distributed weekly, one week in arrears, via check or direct deposit. Since On Call will be your W-2 employer during the temporary assignment or until you convert to a direct employee of our Client, we will facilitate all of your tax withholdings and distribute your W-2 form after year end.

And, Last but not Least, Ongoing Communications...

Expect to hear from us after your first day and at least monthly thereafter to see how everything is going. Conversely, should you ever have any questions or concerns on your end, please contact your Recruiter immediately. They are here to assist you!

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