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On Call Candidate Pledge

Candidate Expectation

  • Two professional references
  • Contact On Call after your client interview
  • Communicate all of your job search activities
  • Be decisive
  • On Call is your first point of contact for sick, late, and time off requests
  • Use breaks and lunches to contact us to be courteous to our Client
  • Timecard deadline is every Monday at 10 a.m.
  • Refer others to On Call

What You Can Expect From On Call

Quality Jobs

  • Thorough initial interview with On Call to ascertain your experience and determine opportunities that will interest you
  • We will only present opportunities that are current and meet your career interests
  • Work environment observed, evaluated, and shared
  • Pay commensurate with experience and job opportunity


  • Fully prepare candidate for client onsite interview
  • Access to tutorials, training, and skills testing for increased software knowledge
  • Paycheck guaranteed to be mailed each Wednesday for arrival no later than Saturday, or direct deposit delivered on Friday
  • Online timecards

Candidate Follow Up

  • Immediate feedback on interviews with Clients
  • Provide honest feedback both positive and negative
  • First day start call
  • Quality control feedback from client to candidate
  • Follow up once per month

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